the list

I am a private high school girl. at my school, we make lists. personally, I spend more energy making to do lists than actually doing what's on them (or I add things to the list I know will get finished - like come home, eat, go to sleep).
BUT this is not a to do list! it's more of a wish list of things I see myself doing. nope. it's just the promised bucket list. (hey- I didn't have one and I don't know what you people would like me to write about) so here she is (including things I've already accomplished):

own a cat
live in another country for some period of time
visit: Ireland, Germany, Russia, Norway, Paris, England, etc
actually punch someone
take a trans-American road trip in a van
take a nap
bleach my hair blonde for awhile
speak another language fluently (maybe German, Gaelic, French, or Russian. or all of them)
grow a beard. since this is physically improbable, I'll settle for a male with satisfactory facial hairs

Oh yes, I didn't tell you that I bleached my hair...
fare the well


gratitude is falling from the sky

so this Thanksgiving I made a bourbon pumpkin cheesecake (recipe from our favorite food website, smitten kitchen). sister Maggie made it last year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but a certain sister decided not to come home for Thanksgiving this year... aherm. so I had to make it.
again, it was a hit and grandma approved. I forgot about it until late Wednesday, so I had to wake up at 2 to move the cake to the fridge. but all is well and there was just enough left over for lunch today. it may be making another appearance very soon.

today is Black Friday, which I hate. I need to go to Target, but cannot due to the insane crowds of people who have cleared the entire store. ba.
and yet, I will shamelessly participate in the sale ruckus. I thought (rather late in the game) it may be a good idea to offer a 20% off sale at The Second Fiddle. you're welcome darlings. simply enter TAKE20 at checkout (clever coupon code, no?).

I have also discovered that I really need to check my email more often. there are countless occasions of me arriving when the plans were canceled, wearing the wrong thing, or missing out on a wonderful opportunity. the moral to today's post: check your email, children.

and now I bid you adieu. with photos of my kitten.


the sun changes mass at a rate of one million elephants per second

hippie science.
(oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! the protein chain came streaming out!)

biology has never been so delightful.

it's long but worth it. one must watch it in its entirety.
courtesy of ms. anitta thomas.

and my concentration for AP studio art is (basically) things my science teacher says (or things I doodle in science class)
for example: a Hindu buffalo demon/ 4th dimensional bison

and a galaxy/star/embryo (who knows?)



morning offering

 You must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head, vulgar one moment, brilliant the next. You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads. I wish you a wrestling match with your creative muse that will last a lifetime. I wish craziness and foolishness and madness upon you. May you live with hysteria, and out of it make fine stories – science fiction or otherwise. Which finally means, may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world."

— Ray Bradbury 


artsy fartsy

so my art history teacher showed me this little nun who is also an art critic. she's absolutely adorable and actually rather interesting. her video about the photograph piss christ is fascinating.
just super cute.

and apparently I look like someone on america's next top model? someone in walgreens told me to watch it on friday. well I didn't. but someone else also told me that. I'm not sure if this is particularly a great thing.
but my art history teacher told me I reminded her of a Modigliani painting. I first thought of his blank eyes, but she reminded me of the quirky emotions the emote.

best compliment.



It's official in my mind: Fleet Foxes has the best poster designs.




this summer has been much too lazy. nothing but ice cream and naps with my cat. it's good for the spirit, yeah? no? oh.

oh and Bill Murray is amazing. and I love how he's in every Wes Anderson film there is.
Moonrise Kingdom is out, and sister and I went to see it at the Tivoli. very good (a teacher just told me that every 'very' should be replaced by 'damn', according to Twain)... damn good.

I'll have to watch it again (as I watch all Wes Anderson films twice) in order to judge it's placement in the list of films, but I think it could be up with the big guys- Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums. then again, I think every Wes Anderson film is his best the first time around (because they are damn good). Moonrise Kingdom has all the stuff to be in the running. I wish Jason Schwartzman would have played a larger role, but it was a damn sweet surprise.
An even bigger surprise was to see Bruce Willis
the end


kitten attacks

anyone who knows me (or looks at the post below) knows that I love kittens. I used to hate them, when every cat I knew was a jackal from hell. But, I've realized that my whole life I've been a cat lover in the closet.
My parents were very against the idea...but then something magical happened. My mother suddenly asked if I would rather have a kitten now or after school's out. Well, school is out and here's my kitten.

yes, she is the cutest you have ever seen. and yet, she continues to wake me at 5 in the morning by stepping on my face with those white puffy paws and then by gently gnawing my feet. it's wonderful

since we get up so early to play, we nap all day together. and then come the midnight crazies. it's cute, but must stop.


olive you

those little things I love, in no specific order
joni mitchell
canada: +1
hence, BKFST


James Dean

this photo


 bob dylan holding a kitten!


books with booze

  I just recently put all my books on my new book shelf. I used to just have them lined up along my dresser. Then, as the collection grew, I had them in tall piles on my dresser. Finally, my mother decided to get me a book shelf. Being my mother, the book shelf also came along with a new paint job, new curtains, and a new quilt. I quickly threw in a row of hat hooks for my wall. I should post pictures, but it is too late and Maggie hasn't even seen it yet.
  I have digressed. Sorting through every single book I own was so much fun I was prancing around the room with books in my arms. It turns out that if I buy many more books, I'll need another shelf.
  The main reason I started this post was because I've decided to seriously consider book arts. I once had a spirt of imagination with Maggie. We could own a publishing house and print books. We both absolutely adore a well designed book cover and the feel of real paper and print. So I thought I might share some nice book covers that I enjoy.
 Who can't love Everyman's Library? My favorite is Anna Karenina and Frankenstein. I'm not sure, but something about these covers attracts me to them in every Barnes and Noble. I suppose it's good advertising design that does it.
 These are the newest Vladimir Nabokov from Vintage Books. Charming, no?

My absolute favorite (and I also just bought it this week) is this Fitzgerald. It's a little white book that is exceedingly better in person than this picture can capture. The spin looks absolutely radiant and cute next to the large dark spines of those surrounding it. I'm absolutely coo coo for it.
  My American Lit. teacher told me last week to take a break from Fitzgerald. I'm currently writing my Junior year analytical research paper on This Side of Paradise, which I mentioned once in my draft. I honestly told her that I had not worked on my paper in 2 weeks because the thesis is basically saying that all hopes and dreams will be unsatisfactory so you might as well start drinking now. While I haven't dared step near the paper in 2 weeks time, I've been reading Fitzgerald like a mad man. So she told me to take a break for my mental stability. She specifically ordered me not the read The Crack-Up.
   So... the second day of spring break I go to the book store and buy two new Fitzgerald collections (one being formerly mentioned) and have 3 dreams about the man. (I think I'm in love) And so, the weekend before break ends, I read two stores from On Booze, one of which was The Crack-Up. and I re-watched a documentary on Fitzgerald that my teacher lent me. mer.

thanks for sticking with me through the worded post. and let's just ignore the long gap between posts.


musical gentlemen

 Josh T Pearson's Last of the Country Gentlemen
Possibly the best album I've listened to all year. Maggie stubbled upon the vinyl a few weeks ago. I recommend listening, but while sitting down and while doing nothing else. This is simply a listening experience, not for background music in the car.  Although, it is beautiful in the car as well, especially at night. But your first time should be just you and the record. It's all raw emotion. It makes me want to cry every time I hear it.
I can't explain it very well, but bears eat beats did a fantastic job. I recommend reading this.

Maggie and I also just saw Ryan Adams in concert in St. Louis yesterday night.
Ryan Adams. I saw Ryan Adams in person.
And he put his hair in a pony tail half way through. It was about the cutest and worst pony tail I've ever seen. He was quite funny in fact. At one point he mentioned music that was perfect for going to the bathroom in Lord of the Rings.
The opening act (Jason Isbell) was also rather amazing. It was also his birthday, which Ryan made a point to bring up a few times. In the end Ryan had him come back on stage so that everyone could sing happy birthday and so they could play a song together.
It was quite possibly to best concert I've ever been to. and I'm fairly certain I failed both my tests today.

oh well


conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative

Let's see. I stayed home sick yesterday and today it snowed so my mother made me stay home. This is nice, but also a burden as now I have work to make up. Ah well.

I am currently reading too many books (well, not really, but I like to read my books one at a time). I started Invisible Man some time ago and was interrupted. Then I started On the Road, which I was reading quickly, but was interrupted. Now I'm reading This Side of Paradise, for school but also for my own pleasure. I just finished The Importance of Being Earnest about a week ago. I suppose that's not too many, but my list of books to read has filled my head to its capacity and I can think of nothing else.
Before Maggie left for school, we took some photos of etsy items. The new camera worked like a charm. I didn't have to do any editing besides cropping. And we've already sold a hat!

Oh! and the tumblr experiment has been working beautifully! I've posted something almost everyday. I'm quite pleased.



Today is my birthday. Thus far it has gone pretty well. In my American Studies we walked to General Grant's house (because my school is right across the street from Grant's Farm in St. Louis). I could tell my history teacher (who, by the way, went to highschool with Jeff Tweedy... that's right) was bursting at the seams with Civil War information that he had to reign back for the sake of the tour guide. Then a few of us stood talking about how future civilizations will perceive us and if we really know anything about the ones in the past. We did this as others from my class dressed up and ran around like children. ah...highschool

Today I am seventeen. Nothing exciting. Although I can now rent R rated movies from the library without any questions. Thus far, I have checked out The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Wes Anderson) and A Serious Man (Coen Brothers). And what a wonderful trailer. I hope the movie is as good as this, because I can't get over the end note.
the end