it has begun

I'd hate to bring it up, but school has started. This means less time, fewer posts, and more stress. I'm only halfway through highschool and it seems to be dragging out. Hopefully this year gets better, as I've heard. So far my teachers are fairly good and I got into the classes I wanted (it took me 4 months, but I finally got Satire class).
Last week I learned that my history teacher went the highschool with Jeff Tweedy. yes! Jeff Tweedy and my American history teacher.
So, I for one will not be writing as often. (However, Maggie has been doing remarkably well lately. Huzzah for sister Maggie!) But I bring good news! We have a newsletter!

See the small grey button to the right? That is where one could sign up. No one has yet and I wonder if anyone reads this blog, but it's there anxiously awaiting acceptance like it's back at the lunch table. Because we don't post that often, I figured it might be good to tell those who would like to know when we do. We'll also send product updates and etsy coupons.

And I just found out how to wash my wool!... but I have homework.

thanks for reading.


wall and piece

Last night I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop for the first time. If you haven't seen it, just do. Then go tag something.


plain geometry

Lately I have been spending lots of time perusing Etsy, and I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pieces. Notice the pattern: I have mostly been perusing jewelry. I love Son of a Sailor for its simple geometry. And look at those beautiful splashes of color! What a lovely, understated way to cheer up an ensemble!

A Merry Mishap makes charming little geometric shapes from beautiful plums, mint greens, and pale pinks. 

Kim Dulaney has quickly become one of my favorite Etsy designers. Her pieces have just enough edge. 



american wilderness

Ranger Doug sells reproductions of the WPA National Parks posters. I love Ranger Doug. Recently my dad sent me two packages of Doug's postcards (these are big packages; i have a lot of postcards hanging on my wall). The color palate and the block print aesthetic does a lot for me. I am particularly fond of the twilight purples burnt oranges. Also, the services the posters advertise: "field trips,""motor caravans," "nature walks". Oh! Adventure!

I think I love these posters because I want to see the America they portray, an America beautiful and wild and various, in spite of the depression or the war. I want to roam across this America. Nature, big and eternal as it is, forgets war and poverty and suffering, and I, an American wanderer, clamor to be immersed in nature, to exchange self-consciousness for the openness of air, and to feel myself not an American citizen, but a part of the American landscape.