books with booze

  I just recently put all my books on my new book shelf. I used to just have them lined up along my dresser. Then, as the collection grew, I had them in tall piles on my dresser. Finally, my mother decided to get me a book shelf. Being my mother, the book shelf also came along with a new paint job, new curtains, and a new quilt. I quickly threw in a row of hat hooks for my wall. I should post pictures, but it is too late and Maggie hasn't even seen it yet.
  I have digressed. Sorting through every single book I own was so much fun I was prancing around the room with books in my arms. It turns out that if I buy many more books, I'll need another shelf.
  The main reason I started this post was because I've decided to seriously consider book arts. I once had a spirt of imagination with Maggie. We could own a publishing house and print books. We both absolutely adore a well designed book cover and the feel of real paper and print. So I thought I might share some nice book covers that I enjoy.
 Who can't love Everyman's Library? My favorite is Anna Karenina and Frankenstein. I'm not sure, but something about these covers attracts me to them in every Barnes and Noble. I suppose it's good advertising design that does it.
 These are the newest Vladimir Nabokov from Vintage Books. Charming, no?

My absolute favorite (and I also just bought it this week) is this Fitzgerald. It's a little white book that is exceedingly better in person than this picture can capture. The spin looks absolutely radiant and cute next to the large dark spines of those surrounding it. I'm absolutely coo coo for it.
  My American Lit. teacher told me last week to take a break from Fitzgerald. I'm currently writing my Junior year analytical research paper on This Side of Paradise, which I mentioned once in my draft. I honestly told her that I had not worked on my paper in 2 weeks because the thesis is basically saying that all hopes and dreams will be unsatisfactory so you might as well start drinking now. While I haven't dared step near the paper in 2 weeks time, I've been reading Fitzgerald like a mad man. So she told me to take a break for my mental stability. She specifically ordered me not the read The Crack-Up.
   So... the second day of spring break I go to the book store and buy two new Fitzgerald collections (one being formerly mentioned) and have 3 dreams about the man. (I think I'm in love) And so, the weekend before break ends, I read two stores from On Booze, one of which was The Crack-Up. and I re-watched a documentary on Fitzgerald that my teacher lent me. mer.

thanks for sticking with me through the worded post. and let's just ignore the long gap between posts.