the internet!

The book cover archive is now equipped with a randomize button, allowing me to sit at my computer browsing books from all far and sundry corners of the archive. Hoorah!

It is, as the man himself says, glorious.



This is my favorite book cover, perhaps because it reminds me of a cop show from the sixties or something, not that I am any authority on cop shows. The font is perfect, the white is perfect, and that sucker is perfect. I also like the tiny type-writer lines.

And I am now the proud owner of a copy! I think I will just leave it on my desk and look at it a couple times a day.



our first hat.

I hope it goes over well.

this is also a fairly new item which we thought would do well but it really hasn't. I'm kind of bummed.


this is also our first post about Etsy and the first pictures of us. (i'm the one in the hat and maggie is in the taupe cowl)
o and merry chirstmas


PanAm Helvetica Dream posters from 1971 and 1972. The USA poster is my favorite.

an interesting history here



Ryan McGinley takes pictures of small people in giant caves, and calls his pictures Moonmilk. Also, the people are naked, which adds to the effect. I especially like the ones of people so small, you don't notice them at first. I also like the ones of small people surrounded by small, or shrinking, caves.




I wish I knew of a real place where you could dance like this....



Perhaps it is a bit late to address fashion week, but I can't let this go without comment. I would just like to stress the fact that model number one is wearing clogs, that model number three is wearing rabbit pelts,  and that all of them have giant hair adorned with tiny bows. I would be happy to wear this everyday, thought I might tire of the hair, as I can see it getting in the way sometimes.



Maybe you've seen this, but Vintage books and John Gall have redesigned the cover of every Nabokov book, and I think they have done a pretty good job. They look like specimen boxes! For butterflies and beetles! 

designed by: Helen Yentus and Jason Booher, Chip Kidd, and Michael Beirut

Wouldn't  shadow boxes be wonderful? Made of wood and filled with knick-knacks? 


happy birthday woody allen

there is more, but the interview is rather long.


I would hope that if I were a letter, I would look something like this.


art forms in nature

I guess I will begin this blog with a post about coral.

Ernst Haeckel is one of my favorite illustrators, and naturalists I suppose, if that is what he would prefer to be called. These pictures make me want to be a naturalist, actually. I think I would get some use out of a microscope, cheesecloth, and a pond.