Recently made some Etsy purchases, which I am very pleased with. I think I will get much use out of them this summer. The first has turtles and lobsters and fish on it, and the second has a beautiful palate of earth tones.  

                                         from Rough Gems                                        from Miso Vintage



this is one of etsy's best featured videos. it's about two brothers who enjoy leather work. the music is beautiful. I hope you like it...

Billykirk from The Scout on Vimeo.

also, today I've decided I want to be a shepherd. and I want to play the harmonica, fiddle, guitar, and make jam. these are my summer goals.



a lovely photo from dsbrennan on Etsy.
and this specimen was found on the Selby.

while searching the bargain basement at the Book House (which is apparently haunted), maggie and I found some charming art books, poetry, and James Joyce. I will have to photograph them and show you. and i should post about my new endeavor (spinning). and i should also study for exams. so much to be done. summer break is coming.... it's coming