in the city

while sister Maggie was in town, our parents went on a 'family outing' kick. no problems though, everything was an interest to everyone and it was actually mostly enjoyable. these trips included the st. louis art museum, very good restaurants (including the shaved duck and iron barley), and the newly renovated st. louis city library.

when we were but wee children, we lived in an apartment downtown for awhile, right across from my dad's work (which was a toy company). we spent the majority of our time riding tricycles around dad's office or in the library for story time. It's been fixed up for awhile now, but it was the first time I had been there since I was a kid. I was glad they kept it old school library and didn't get too modern.

(not actually the library, but across the street)

 we then went to the sculpture park in city garden. I enjoyed most of the sculptures, including this very large pink suit.

well, that's all. merry christmas, happy new year, and all that shit. at least I get to sleep in still.