christmas time

yes, well, I have not written a post in quite some time. Between exams, orders, and christmas I've had little time. But some good news is that I've started a Second Fiddle tumblr, which I have been posting on quite often. For awhile, I even had multiple posts scheduled to be published. It's mostly filled with pretty picture I find and such.
Christmas has come and it was lovely. My family and I slept late, which, while needed, was sad. When my sister and I were young we would wake up at about 5:30 am and wait in one of our rooms. Then at about 6:30 we would try to wake up our parents, who delayed us in 5 minute increments for maybe another half-hour to an hour. We were very odd children, as we didn't run down to the tree and presents. We waited quite a long time and slowly began a organized process (stockings, looking for the pickle, Santa gifts, family gifts, breakfast). This year was really the break off from our young childhood. No waiting and no order.
But we still enjoyed ourselves. Margaret and I got a new camera from mom and dad. I'm so very excited! This means better etsy photos! I haven't read the instructions, so while these pictures are far better than our past photos, they are not up to the camera's full capacity.

I for one had a very rugged christmas, besides the camera. I also received red long johns, a Stanley food thermos, and an old-man sweater (featured in camera photos). I don't know what to do with the red long johns.

happy holidays to all!



Christmas is here. papers, projects, exams, and etsy orders!
no time to for blogs!