It's official in my mind: Fleet Foxes has the best poster designs.




this summer has been much too lazy. nothing but ice cream and naps with my cat. it's good for the spirit, yeah? no? oh.

oh and Bill Murray is amazing. and I love how he's in every Wes Anderson film there is.
Moonrise Kingdom is out, and sister and I went to see it at the Tivoli. very good (a teacher just told me that every 'very' should be replaced by 'damn', according to Twain)... damn good.

I'll have to watch it again (as I watch all Wes Anderson films twice) in order to judge it's placement in the list of films, but I think it could be up with the big guys- Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums. then again, I think every Wes Anderson film is his best the first time around (because they are damn good). Moonrise Kingdom has all the stuff to be in the running. I wish Jason Schwartzman would have played a larger role, but it was a damn sweet surprise.
An even bigger surprise was to see Bruce Willis
the end


kitten attacks

anyone who knows me (or looks at the post below) knows that I love kittens. I used to hate them, when every cat I knew was a jackal from hell. But, I've realized that my whole life I've been a cat lover in the closet.
My parents were very against the idea...but then something magical happened. My mother suddenly asked if I would rather have a kitten now or after school's out. Well, school is out and here's my kitten.

yes, she is the cutest you have ever seen. and yet, she continues to wake me at 5 in the morning by stepping on my face with those white puffy paws and then by gently gnawing my feet. it's wonderful

since we get up so early to play, we nap all day together. and then come the midnight crazies. it's cute, but must stop.