darling scientists

I love looking at the adorable old scientists in my biology books.
(Alfred Wallace) (Charles Darwin) Both these stately gentlemen look so innocent and have beautiful facial hair.
Watson and Crick look like the kind of people I would want to befriend. I have named the feral cats living in my back yard Watson, after the double helix.



today has been a gray and boring saturday.(photos by Paul Graham)
everyone has been asking each other what they want to do. i should do homework or be productive, but i just can't. I feel a bit like this guy:

also,  it is interesting how sometimes it is spelt 'gray' and sometimes it is 'grey'. on the crayon it is a 'gray'. I wish i could not waste my weekends, but alas. i hope yours is going better.



we have just listed a new item. I loved the color and the style so much I had to make one for myself. we're very pleased with how the photos turned out. they seem to fit our new theme of 'woodland'.

also, we've been featured on a blog! see the post here. thanks GardenGwyn


hot and heavy pumpkin pie

A little song to begin the week, which I chose for its good feelings and for all the long hair, dancing, and vans, which is like 1960s America and everything I love:


I would like to recognize these birds, depicted here by John James Audubon, which have since his time become extinct. I would like to recognize them firstly because they are dearly missed, I am sure, and secondly as a tribute to Audubon, whose careful rendition has made their absence all the more painfully felt.