the list

I am a private high school girl. at my school, we make lists. personally, I spend more energy making to do lists than actually doing what's on them (or I add things to the list I know will get finished - like come home, eat, go to sleep).
BUT this is not a to do list! it's more of a wish list of things I see myself doing. nope. it's just the promised bucket list. (hey- I didn't have one and I don't know what you people would like me to write about) so here she is (including things I've already accomplished):

own a cat
live in another country for some period of time
visit: Ireland, Germany, Russia, Norway, Paris, England, etc
actually punch someone
take a trans-American road trip in a van
take a nap
bleach my hair blonde for awhile
speak another language fluently (maybe German, Gaelic, French, or Russian. or all of them)
grow a beard. since this is physically improbable, I'll settle for a male with satisfactory facial hairs

Oh yes, I didn't tell you that I bleached my hair...
fare the well