We are two sisters. We dress like grandmas and enjoy creating handmade items. Sometimes we read books, sometimes we bake bread. We also enjoy watching classic films, drinking chocolate milk, camping, and crocheting. When we were very young, our grandmother taught us to crochet.  We can't remember ever having a scarf that was not handmade.
"As opposed to the goal being consistency and mass distribution, we're looking for an inconsistent product." - Rick Mast from Mast Brothers Chocolate.
We apply the same concept to our handmade crocheted goods. Inconsistency is what makes a product homemade and personal. We use the old fashioned technique of wearing scarves: making instead of buying. It may be easier another way, but the joy of knowing how and where and by whom your scarf was made only comes the old way. Currently, we are learning to spin our own yarn. Maybe one day we will have our own sheep.
 Our inspiration comes from all things vintage and all things natural. Anything rustic or homemade (including bread and jam) can urge us to create something of our own. We use all of our own patterns and designs. Most of our items we make for ourselves first. If it works well we offer it to the public through The Second Fiddle.

Emily and Maggie in the Redwoods
Thanks for your interest,
Emily and Maggie