old shoes; no matter how shabby, they're better than new ones

I'm in love with my shoes. My newest and greatest are a pair of vintage purple-ish grey suede minstrel heels that have a large floppy bow proudly sitting on top. I recently purchased these from lisazain on etsy

I was so very excited for the package and was giddy when it came. as a slight let down, they were snug. they sit fit, but were very snug in the toes. I was fully prepared to cut off my toes when my clever mother suggested we see a cobbler. we did, and he fixed them to utter perfection. Lisa was a wonderful seller and I wear my shoes anywhere I can. thank you, Lisa.

I'm more of a shoe person. Most of my clothes are basic and dully colored. I don't really have many accessories and lost the one ring I liked. But shoes... that's were I flourish. Scuffed up working boots, wooden sandals, pure white tennis shoes, black shoes that my grandmother has in brown (jealous), character heels (that I wear out- I don't go on stages), and now floppy bowed heels: love

thanks darlings.

PS - title paraphrased from Willa Cather


look, a post

oh hello.
it's been quite a long time (an embarrassing amount of time) since our last post, which is coincidentally about how little we post. I suppose I'm just not a very social person, so being social online is very difficult. But we will dwell on this no longer...
sister Maggie came for a weekend visit a few weeks ago and we had a revolutionary photo shoot for old and new etsy items.

Awhile back we found a new location for photos. before, we used the pine trees in the backyard, which was perfectly fine, but now we use a barn that sits behind a museum at the front of our neighborhood. I really don't know what it's doing there, but it has beautiful coloring. I like the new background, especially in the bag photos.

I have a concern: what is twitter? I know that it is a social network in which people 'tweet' small blurbs about their life, but, truthfully, I still don't understand. businesses have twitter... what do they 'tweet'? and what in the world is a hash-tag? I don't understand why they are used and if they do anything at all. however, I have been advised to start a Second Fiddle twitter account. would these short blurbs and hash-tags make it easier for an online introvert? or would it become one more sad account for me to update? frankly, I have no idea.