gratitude is falling from the sky

so this Thanksgiving I made a bourbon pumpkin cheesecake (recipe from our favorite food website, smitten kitchen). sister Maggie made it last year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but a certain sister decided not to come home for Thanksgiving this year... aherm. so I had to make it.
again, it was a hit and grandma approved. I forgot about it until late Wednesday, so I had to wake up at 2 to move the cake to the fridge. but all is well and there was just enough left over for lunch today. it may be making another appearance very soon.

today is Black Friday, which I hate. I need to go to Target, but cannot due to the insane crowds of people who have cleared the entire store. ba.
and yet, I will shamelessly participate in the sale ruckus. I thought (rather late in the game) it may be a good idea to offer a 20% off sale at The Second Fiddle. you're welcome darlings. simply enter TAKE20 at checkout (clever coupon code, no?).

I have also discovered that I really need to check my email more often. there are countless occasions of me arriving when the plans were canceled, wearing the wrong thing, or missing out on a wonderful opportunity. the moral to today's post: check your email, children.

and now I bid you adieu. with photos of my kitten.


the sun changes mass at a rate of one million elephants per second

hippie science.
(oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! the protein chain came streaming out!)

biology has never been so delightful.

it's long but worth it. one must watch it in its entirety.
courtesy of ms. anitta thomas.

and my concentration for AP studio art is (basically) things my science teacher says (or things I doodle in science class)
for example: a Hindu buffalo demon/ 4th dimensional bison

and a galaxy/star/embryo (who knows?)