favorites of favorites

Our blog has a new design: it is rustic and beautiful to me. I have also promised myself to write more often. Yet, I have no ideas for a post worth reading. Thus, I will share my favorite blogs (mostly food blogs. yes, I love food porn) and other favorite things. Yes, I am pushing you off onto other blogs due to my lack of online communicating skills. Here it goes:
To read:
  1. Joy the Baker - one of our favorite food blogs to steal dinner ideas from. Joy, we salute you.
  2. Orangette - We loved Molly's book, A Homemade Life and thus love her blog
  3. The Scout - one of the very few websites from whom I love to receive emails (subscription recommended)
  4. 101 Cookbooks - lovely lovely photography of lovely food. We also have fallen in love with Heidi's cookbooks and her Flickr
  5. Smitten Kitchen - best food photography
To browse:
  1. Nerd Boyfriend
  2. The Selby - most obviously
  3. The Devil's Dictionary
other favorites:
  1. Favorite trailer of the summer
  2. cats - calicos
  3. Cute Roulette - may have something to do with #2. just maybe.
  4. Most recent movie watched: Never Let Me Go. Depressing, but in a way a good depressing movie should be depressing. Also, Carrie Mulligan is my favorite cutie.

and finally, my new hair cut of the summer:
I have already been called "sir"


a homemade summer

Last week, as I browsed the shelves at my local library in desperate need of a light summer read, Molly Wizenberg's A Homemade Life fell into my lap. And oh, what a blessing it was. You might be familiar with Molly's blog, that charming spot of the internet with the loveliest of photographs and the tastiest of lemon yogurt cakes. Her book (regrettably lacking in photographs, though making up for it with illustrations) ventures into all the struggles and triumphs of adolescence in the Great Plains, love in Paris, and the most adorable engagement I have had the pleasure to read about, and still always comes back to the kitchen. Happily for us readers, Molly shares the recipes connected to her stories, and what wonderful recipes they are.

This is my kind of cookbook. Food is always more than just food, and when people share recipes for berry pound cake or slow roasted tomatoes or potato salad, they always share more than just recipes. I have been doing a lot of cooking this summer. And not just because I like to eat food (which I do). Because I like sitting around a table with people I love and seeing them smile. Because fresh garlic and roasted onions and blueberry muffins make me feel so tangibly, so terribly, so beautifully human. Thanks Molly, for saying it all and for sharing.