my 15 tips for the teenage lady

I'm only 19 as of this week, so I really have no place giving "tips" on growing up, but maybe a closer perspective would be better. anyway... I'm bored over winter break and here goes nothing.

  1. heels are not necessary but make your legs look damn good. so why not wear them whenever you can?
  2. but practice wearing heels first! seriously, walk around your house, do dishes, get ready everyday in heels. if you do it enough walking in heels will become easier than flats. -- I know it happened to me. recently I've fallen out of practice and I almost fell down last time I put heels on.
  3. poise through the pain -- so the balls of your feet and your ankles will murder you later, but if your legs are going to rock that Beyonce song, it's worth it.  I draw the line at blood. Nothing, even shoes, is worth your blood girl. 
  4. lip stick -- if you wear it everyday then the one day you don't people won't recognize you. but if you feel like a Black Cherry day, then do it bitch. People may stare or ask why the black lips, but you have fucking black lips. Anything you say will be bad ass and hot. always wear the lip stick if you feel it.    * go crazy. two-toned lips are hella awesome
  5. that said, lip stick will stay on better if you put foundation/concealer on your lips first. this does not work with lip stains and fancy shit like that though. only classic sticks.
  6. eyeliner -- it's a decision. once you do it you can't go back. but have an everyday look and a fancy look. My rule of thumb: bottom lid liner is not good for everyday and don't even try it until you know what you're doing.    *my current favorite is Stiletto by Maybelline 
  7. it's okay to be sad. it's also okay to be alone sometimes.
  8. but it's also okay to not be able to cry -- you still have a soul, it just doesn't do that shit. 
  9. make a girl power and/or a dance party playlist. they're great for staying awake on road trips and also perfect while doing chores or mindless homework. Lana better be on there.
  10. have deep conversations but never judge or get into arguments about politics and shit. not kosher.
  11. know that you might be wrong about somethings.
  12. but remember that most people are idiots and if your personal thought, morals, or philosophies don't match societies, you should stick with them. people are stupid. but don't tell them that.
  13. don't be superstitious. and make sure you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  14. black is always slimming and always the right choice.
  15. aspire to be Audrey Hepburn. never settle for less than your James Dean. and listen to Lana.
  16. and always be classy
    thanks girls,

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